Rainy Day Bracelet

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When is the last time you offered a random act of kindness? Think of someone you know who is going through a difficult time...now send them this bracelet!  It was specially designed to encourage!  Each bracelet features a silver-plated charm in the shape of a raindrop/teardrop/petal....but the real charm of this bracelet is the story that is enclosed with it (see below).  You may choose between a silver plated bangle, a stretch dainty sim. freshwater pearl bracelet, or a stretch dainty howlite bracelet.  With each bracelet, we pray over the future recipient as it is made.  We are even happy to ship anonymously...just leave your instructions and shipping address in the notes portion of your order!

Enclosed is a card that explains the meaning behind the bracelet.  It says: 


"This bracelet was specially designed for someone enduring a tough time. The shape of the charm represents 3 things:

1. A Raindrop: Though the storm rages overhead, remember you are protected. Even when things are at their hardest, you never have to endure it alone. The Lord conquers darkness, and His rainbow reminds us the skies will clear and He will never consume the earth with rain again.

2. A Teardrop: It is ok to cry. God holds every tear in His hands, and He knows the pain that others don’t see. Your struggle isn’t in vain, and you have the shoulders of true friends on which to cry. Find a way that your struggle can be used as a blessing to someone going through the same thing.

3. A Flower Petal: Never forget God will ALWAYS take care of you. “...Consider the lilies of the field - not even Solomon, in all his splendor, is clothed as beautifully as they....Therefore, do not worry about your life...your Heavenly Father knows exactly what you need.” Matthew 6:25-34 (exerpts & paraphrase)

So, when you look down at this bracelet, know that you are on someone’s heart and being prayed for. We deeply prayed over the future recipient of this bracelet while we made it. Please feel free to reach out on our Facebook page so we may know more specifically how we can continue to pray for you!"