Vetiver Woods - Soy Blend Candle

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We are in LOVE with these candles!  They are locally handmade in Kernersville exclusively for VI Boutique, and consist of a soy/paraffin blend with beautifully light fragrance.  

Masculine & inviting, this scent is reminiscent of a first date cologne, featuring notes of marine, vetiver, and ozone. The fragrance mimics a popular rustic clothing brands's hottest selling men's cologne....Let's just say it's "fiercely" irresistible!

*We are very sorry to report there is a significant candle supply shortage. Jars and lids may vary in color and availability; some jars may arrive green or with a dust cover instead of a lid. We are staying vigilant in trying to get our classic jars/lids in stock as soon as possible!*